This Story is actually true and happened to me when i was 9!

So it was getting late at night,and i had school tomarrow my mom says,"Michael, it's time to sleep go to your room". I go to my room,i then lay in my bed...i heard noises comign from my closet. heart was beating so fast....i was terrified. Now you know in a horror movie you're like "RUN RUN!" well i was so scared to get out of my bed...the closet door opens. I was about to jump out the window and breaks my legs but the adrenaline is going to be pumping in my vains and i'll run of...the door opens wanna know who comes out?...My older cousin Christopher...i was soooo angry at him i was like,"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY CLOSET!"...he just walked ou tmy room laughing. I was so scared y'all don't even know! if i had a gun i would popped him!

Anyways hope you guys enjoyed that storytime leave a comment down below if you want maor and remember!

dftba(don't forget to be awesome ;) )

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