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  • ThePaupepa


    February 9, 2017 by ThePaupepa

    I've seen that this wiki and my wiki are very inactive,so... If this keeps going like this (i mean if both wikis are inactive) i will officialy leave both wikis. I'm sorry,but i can't keep this anymore. (I mean that both wikis are very silent and alone.)

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  • ThePaupepa

    (CLOSED) RP Blog

    January 20, 2016 by ThePaupepa

    Sorry,but you wanted it. :/  Hello,i am here to do a roleplay,can be silly,serious or neutral. There are too much roles open,so... select your role! (3 max.)





    Tinky Winky:

    Noo Noo:GreenMario543213

    FNaTL 2:

    Po 2.0:

    Dipsy (FNaTL 2):

    Laa-Laa (FNaTL 2):

    Tinky (FNaTL 2):

    Old Po (FNaTL 2):

    Noo Noo (FNaTL 2) :

    Tubbyland Voice Trumpet:

    FNaTL 3:

    Prototype Po:

    Prototype Dipsy:

    Prototype Laa-Laa:

    Prototype Tinky Winky: ChillyFreeze

    PTLD-93: The Real PTLD-93

    The Original:Mr.Cowhat77

    Po 2.0 Head:

    Tinky (FNaTL 2) Head:

    Dipsy Head:

    Laa-Laa Head:

    Noo Noo (FNaTL 3):

    Old Po (FNaTL 3): The Real PTLD-93



    Endoskeleton 1:

    Endoskeleton 2:

    Prototype Endo:

    Original Endo:

    Creepy Po:

    Beta Creepy Po: The Real PTLD-93


    Po (FNaPL):

    Laa-Laa (FNaPL):

    Dipsy (FN…

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  • ThePaupepa

    Some jumpscares

    December 24, 2015 by ThePaupepa

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  • ThePaupepa

    Some photoshop resources

    December 22, 2015 by ThePaupepa

    Yes,i made this resources myself,so... enjoy it!!

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