Sorry,but you wanted it. :/  Hello,i am here to do a roleplay,can be silly,serious or neutral. There are too much roles open,so... select your role! (3 max.)





Tinky Winky:

Noo Noo:GreenMario543213

FNaTL 2:

Po 2.0:

Dipsy (FNaTL 2):

Laa-Laa (FNaTL 2):

Tinky (FNaTL 2):

Old Po (FNaTL 2):

Noo Noo (FNaTL 2) :

Tubbyland Voice Trumpet:

FNaTL 3:

Prototype Po:

Prototype Dipsy:

Prototype Laa-Laa:

Prototype Tinky Winky: ChillyFreeze

PTLD-93: The Real PTLD-93

The Original:Mr.Cowhat77

Po 2.0 Head:

Tinky (FNaTL 2) Head:

Dipsy Head:

Laa-Laa Head:

Noo Noo (FNaTL 3):

Old Po (FNaTL 3): The Real PTLD-93



Endoskeleton 1:

Endoskeleton 2:

Prototype Endo:

Original Endo:

Creepy Po:

Beta Creepy Po: The Real PTLD-93


Po (FNaPL):

Laa-Laa (FNaPL):

Dipsy (FNaPL):

Tinky (FNaPL):

Noo Noo (FNaPL):

Trumpet (FNaPL):

FNAF World (NEW!!!):

A. Freddy:

A. Bonnie:

A. Chica:

A. Foxy:

A. Golden Freddy:

A. Withered Freddy:

A. W. Bonnie:

A. W. Chica:

A. W. Foxy:

A. Toy Freddy:

A. Toy Bonnie:

A. Toy Chica:

A. Mangle:

Funtime Foxy:GreenMario543213

A. Balloon Boy:

A. JJ:

A. Puppet/Marionette:

A. Shadow Freddy:

A. RWQFSFASXC/Shadow Bonnie:

A. Springtrap:

A. Phantom Freddy:

A. Phantom Mangle:Mr.Cowhat77

A. Phantom Foxy:Mr.Cowhat77

A. Phantom BB:

A. Phantom Chica:

A. Phantom Puppet:

A. Nightmare Freddy:

A. Nightmare Bonnie:

A. Nightmare Chica:

A. Nightmare Foxy: ChillyFreeze

A. Nightmare Cupcake (optional):

A. Nightmare Fredbear:

A. Nightmare:

A. Plushtrap: ChillyFreeze

A. Fredbear:

A. Spring Bonnie:GreenMario543213

A. Endo-01:

A. Endo-02:


Remember to no break these rules:

1.No spamming

2.No godmodding.

3.Have fun!

EDIT:You can't have a role now,because the blog is closed.

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