The Haze3645

  • I live in a magical place
  • I was born on February 18
  • My occupation is rekting skrubs
  • I am a pretty cat thing
  • The Haze3645

    Alright. So. Due to some recent changes regarding the staff line up, I believe my course has run on this wiki, so for sure I'm leaving the staff team. Really the only reason they had me on here was for coding, and I haven't had a coding request for quite a while now, and they have a new and better coder now.

    Now, about leaving the wiki, I'm not totally for sure on that one, that might just wear in on me in time to the point where I just don't come on anymore. So that might happen. I will continue to visit from time to time to visit a few friends, but I need to leave some wikis anyway. I recently became the owner of a very popular wiki, and it's added on some stress in my life.

    No. I am not demoting myself because of people, it's because of st…

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