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  • Tuparman

    Collection of memes on the wiki.

    If I missed anything, let me know.

    DONGER and Co.


    MLG Tubbybots (MLG God Decimated)

    Lenny and Kappa?

    Mickey Rooney?

    Micheal Wanky

    Not Fake Okay

    Donut Steel?

    No-No and Yes-Yes (TOTNN, Ultimate Yes-Yes, and TRACKTER)

    Can't Wake Up?

    Fredbear's Anushole and Blue Guy?

    K dens

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  • Tuparman

    test blog

    April 14, 2017 by Tuparman

    for testing stuff, pls ignore

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  • Tuparman

    a story of tubbies and bots

    December 20, 2016 by Tuparman

    Small side thing I felt like making, to revisit these old personalities and make something new of them.

    Note: not fake ok This will be more on the serious side.

    Po: ................................

    Dipsy: Hey have any of you found the source of- *smells a suspicious smell* THOSE FARTS AUISBHUIGBBY *spazzes out

    Po: ...........aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *jumps onto Dipsy and tackles him

    Dipsy: OW GET OFF OF ME

    Laa-Laa: U want me

    Noo-Noo: u all suck

    Tinky Winky: what is UP

    Dipsy: GET AWAY FROM ME *pushes Po off of him

    Po: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *jumps and tackles Laa-Laa, Laa-Laa falling with her body perfectly stiff like a plank

    Noo-Noo: so this is the day we all act like idiots and fuck up everything

    Dipsy: Okay I'm calm again. It's... actually been a …

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  • Tuparman

    Tubbyland Quiz

    August 13, 2016 by Tuparman

    actually just forget this whole thing, i'm not doing this

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  • Tuparman

    FNaTL 3 Mechanic Analysis

    August 13, 2016 by Tuparman

    Celebrating the anniversary of FNaTL 3's release, it's the third mechanic analysis in this series! The first game analysis can be found here, and the second one here.

    Like the previous analyses, I will do my best to prevent bias and visuals from affecting these analyses, unless visuals do affect the factors.

    First, I will give a quick description of the mechanic, then evaluate the three main points of them, which are:

    Creativity - Pretty obvious, looks at how unique and original the mechanic is.

    Significance - How crucial it is to the game, and how much more fun/scary it makes the game.

    Logic - How well the mechanic fits into the lore and how logical it is to have it.

    For some, I may give some comments at the end, perhaps how to improve the mech…

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