I felt like making this for whatever reason. Please tell me in the comments if I missed anyone.

Po (FNaTL)

Laa-Laa (FNaTL)

Dipsy (FNaTL)

Tinky Winky (FNaTL)

Noo-Noo (FNaTL) (Pre-Revamp + Revamp)

Po Plush

Laa-Laa Plush

Dipsy Plush

Tinky Winky Plush

Noo-Noo Plush


Employee #3

Parker Anderson

Po 2.0

Laa-Laa (FNaTL 2)

Dipsy (FNaTL 2)

Tinky Winky (FNaTL 2)

Po (FNaTL 2)

Noo-Noo (FNaTL 2)

Evan Jameson

Phone Guy (Unnamed)

Decimated (FNaTL 2)/Tubbyland Voice Trumpet

Computer Eye

Repaired Po

Repaired Laa-Laa

Repaired Dipsy

Repaired Tinky Winky

Po (FNaTL 3)

Prototype Po

Prototype Laa-Laa

Prototype Dipsy

Prototype Tinky Winky

The Original

Decimated (FNaTL 3)

Employee #6


Tubbyland Poster (FNaTL) (Pre-Revamp + Revamp)

Sun Baby Poster

Tubbyland Poster (FNaTL 2)

Po 2.0 (FNaTL 3)

Laa-Laa (FNaTL 3)

Tinky Winky (FNaTL 3)

Dipsy (FNaTL 3)

Office Endoskeleton (FNaTL 3)


Endoskeleton (FNaTL)

Endoskeleton (FNaTL 2)

Prototype Endoskeleton

Original Endoskeleton

Beta Po

Beta Laa-Laa

Beta Dipsy

Beta Tinky Winky

Beta Fixed Po

Beta Fixed Laa-Laa

Beta Fixed Dipsy

Beta Fixed Tinky Winky

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