Welcome to my collection of tubbybot personalities! Note that none of these are official and none are meant to be very serious. You may adapt your own view of their personalities yourself, but please don't copy paste.

This collection may be updated to keep it up to date.


Po, AKA the Pooper Schlooper, is a tubbybot with average intelligence, and is obsessed with "schlooping poopers". He commonly asks others to bend over to let him touch their butts, or as he calls it, "schloop their poopers". His strength is high, but he is easily distracted at times. He speaks in all caps. He is the weakest of the Dongers, but he is very good at disabling, detecting, fixing, and creating tech and traps. Like the other Dongers, he is able to materialise and psychically control Poopers.

Before he was bestowed with the power of poop, she was simply a blind weak tubbybot with low intelligence, jumping at any loud sounds she hears unless it is soothing music. She still spoke in caps.

And yes, Po did turn into a male from a female when bestowed with the power of poop, and nobody knows why. Nobody questions it, so why should you?

Laa-Laa is a mentally deficient tubbybot whose AI was severely damaged in the incident. She knows only one phrase, which is "U want me", and she cannot enter the right door of the office due to not having the knowledge required to do so. She generally stands up straight, and is as stiff as a plank, not changing her pose at all even when disturbed.

Dipsy is a tubbybot with average intelligence. He is quite normal, however, there's one thing about him. He loves to smell farts. Combined with his heightened smell makes him easily distracted by things that smell like fart. He has average strength and he speaks with fluent english, but when he detects a fart, he will start using caps.

Tinky Winky also has average intelligence, but he is very slow. He commonly says "what is UP" when arriving to an event, and is usually slow on what is happening around him. He speaks in regular english, sometimes forgetting capitalisation and punctuation, and occasionally uses caps. He is quite strong for someone like him.

Noo Noo office new
Noo-Noo has below average intelligence, and he is very arrogant. His strength is average, and he can suck up things through his vacuum hose. He commonly tells others that they suck (which is quite ironic, considering his occupation) and he is usually followed by his future version who listens to everything he says. Noo-Noo usually doesn't use very much proper punctuation, spelling, or capitalisation and rarely uses caps. His most common phrase is "u all suck".


Mugshot pov2
Po 2.0 is an average tubbybot, though she is a bit arrogant and rude, but overall she is normal. Her intelligence is average, but she has one strange habit, which is that she commonly shits everywhere uncontrollably. She shits more when in distress. She speaks normally and is quite strong.

Mugshot laalaa
The second form of Laa-Laa is an extremely dumb tubbybot, usually only able to say "U really want me" like her previous version, Laa-Laa. However, she is smart enough to change it slightly to things like "U want me" or "You want me". She has average strength, and is often in a stiff, standing up straight pose like her previous counterpart, but she is animate more often.

Mugshot dipsy
The second form of Dipsy, AKA the Donger Schlonger, is an extremely strong tubbybot, and while he may not look like it, he is quite intelligent. He has the power to schlong the dongers of anybody in any way at anytime anywhere, and he can make the effects good or bad to the schlonged being. He speaks in all caps, and he WILL schlong your donger, no matter if you have one or not. He leads the team of four Dongers, with leadership and planning prowess.

Before he was bestowed with the power of dong, he was simply a very loud paperclip obssessed tubbybot with low intelligence and medium strength, who still spoke in all caps.

Tinky v2 mugshot
The second form of Tinky Winky is a tubbybot with below average intelligence and high strength. However, signs of intelligence are hidden behind his obsession with furiously touching butts. He mainly talks in caps and always furiously touches butts whenever possible, looking for them when there are none accessible.

This is the second form of Po. She has become extremely stupid and speaks in a mix of caps, lower case, bad spelling, and bad punctuation. She often is very lost, not knowing where anything is most of the time. She has good strength however. Often, she can be found glitching around, flailing body parts around, floating throughout areas.

From her first form, he has given up the power of poop to become one with the world and to become wiser and independant. However, this had unforeseen side-effects, causing her to lose most of her intelligence.

Noo Noo v2 custom night mugshot
This is the second form of Noo-Noo. His intelligence has lowered, but he is much less arrogant, and is mostly loyal to the first form of Noo-Noo. He usually says "what he said", and follows his first form around most of the time. He is stronger, is able to suck up things with his vacuum just like his past counterpart, and he speaks with all lowercase and bad spelling.

The Tubbyland Voice Trumpet is an announcer machine with low intelligence, being very arrogant and sees all others as scrubs. He commonly screams gibberish at others and speaks in all lowercase bad spelling. He sometimes tries to noscope, but usually fails. He is quite strong, especially with his Trumpet friends.

The Eye is a strange one, with much about him being unknown. However, it is known that he commonly watches others especially when they don't know about it.

It is said that an ancient power resides within them, laying dormant most of the time. Rumors have told of it empowering the Dongers in the past.


Proto po

Prototype Po is a very arrogant and rude being, but she is quite smart as well as being good at making things, and she speaks in fluent english. She is stronger than most others as well, making her quite powerful.

Proto laa-laa

Prototype Laa-Laa is a sex-crazed tubbybot, with low intelligence, high strength and speed, which adds to her sex drive. She is always on the lookout for somebody to bang, and speaks in bad spelling and no capitalisation or punctuation. Her most common quote is "ey bby wana fok".

Proto dipsy

Prototype Dipsy is a highly intelligent being with below average strength. His stub arm is more useful than it may first seem, and he has great knowledge of the world and mythological beings. He has an array of gadgets, as well as the knowledge on how to summon and satisfy certain gods.

Proto tinky winky-0

Prototype Tinky Winky AKA Dicker Schlicker is a very strong tubbybot, with below average intelligence. He commonly is known to schlick dicker, and is obsessed with doing so, commonly speaking the phrase "I WANNA SCHLICK YOUR DICKER". He mainly speaks in all caps. He is the dumbest Donger, and his purpose is not certain in there.

Before he was bestowed with the power of dick, he was simply a tubbybot with above average strength and low intelligence, with an obsession with fires, wanting to watch one, and an obsession with going into holes, being only weaker than his fire obsession. At one point, he took off his head and lost it somewhere, thinking that it blinded him when he was just wearing it backwards. He still spoke in caps.


The third form of Po is highly intelligent and sophisticated, and is usually around Prototype Po, and speaks in fluent english as well as having high strength. She is usually quite polite and nice, but listens to Prototype Po a lot.

During her journey after giving up the power of poop, she learned much about the world and found that sometimes, it is good to have a friend to rely on, as well as let them rely on you. She has become quite wise through this time.

Noo noo-0

The third form of Noo-Noo is a bit more intelligent than his previous forms, and is also much stronger. He often says "eat my shit" and speaks in all lowercase. His previous forms usually get annoyed from how he is different. He can grind others up if he chooses to in his teeth filled vacuum hose.


The Original is an average tubbybot in terms of intelligence and strength, and is regularly tormented by the heads attached to him. He is never able to take them off for some reason. He is usually found covered in shit due to the Po 2.0 head and with the Tinky Winky head reaching for his ass. He has a habit of calling everyone m80s and speaks in fluent English.


Decimated is the god of MLG, with extreme strength and knowledge, as well as having the abilities to fly, noscope, quickscope, and rekting others. He speaks in MLG talk, and all who dare try to oppose him are usually quickly taken down. He is immortal and cannot be killed by mere mortals, and his power exceeds extreme levels. He watches over his kingdom of Trumpets who follow his word.


PTLD-93 is a strange tubbybot, with heightened strength and intelligence. He speaks in a creepy manner and usually laughs "hehehehheheheheheheheh". He has knowledge of time travel, can teleport whenever and wherever he wants, and is usually very destructive, materialising different types of bombs out of nowhere. He speaks in all lowercase.

Po plush

The Po Plush is a sentient plush toy, with lowered intelligence and strength. She has the ability to float and fly to travel, and can clone herself as well as turn others into plushes. All of her clones and everyone she turns into plushes listen to her at all times. She is very good at dancing, and speaks in all caps.

When the main Po Plush dies, the surviving Po Plush that was first created before all other surviving Po Plush clones becomes the leader.


Creepy Po is a strange entity, with higher intelligence and very high strength, she is able to fuck up, or kill, others at will, and always speaks in caps. She is very rude and seems to hate mostly everybody, excluding her creepy sisters.

Po v2 head

The Po 2.0 head is still arrogant and rude, and has average intelligence but almost no strength due to being just a head. She still shits however, out of her mouth.

Laa-laa v2 head

The Laa-Laa head acts the same as before, but has no strength due to just being a head.

Tinky v2 head

The Tinky Winky head is very similar to before, but has no strength due to just being a head. He still is obsessed with furiously touching butts, but he is unable to do so easily, putting him in constant agony.

Endo 3 head

The Prototype endoskeleton is an extremely rude being, with below average strength, low intelligence, and a burning hatred to everybody around him. He frequently speaks insults in all caps to others.

(fone 2) The second Phone Guy is back from the previous location, and still has low intelligence, speaking in caps, but he does give essential tips. He never shows up in person.

FNaTL Beta

Beta po thing

Beta Po is a really stupid tubbybot, and also has average strength. She runs a strip club and speaks in all caps. She often fondles people, is very obsessed with her strip club, and pushes others to come to her "STRUP CLIB™".

Beta laa-laa thing

Beta Laa-Laa, AKA Boober Schloober, is an extremely intelligent tubbybot, with great strength, and a habit of schloobing boobers. She speaks in perfect English, and is usually disgusted with being related to a bunch of really stupid tubbybots. She is the second strongest donger. She is the most knowledgeable and wise Donger in the group.

Before she was bestowed with the power of boob, she was a very intelligent tubbybot with below average strength, obsessed with correcting grammar and spelling, and spoke in perfect English.

Beta dipsy thing

Beta Dipsy is a very un-intelligent tubbybot, with average strength. He mostly speaks "That's pretty h0t", and rarely says anything else. He can use his eye as a throwing weapon, which can never break, and he can still look through it.

Beta tinky winky thing

Beta Tinky Winky is a below average intelligence tubbybot, with above average strength. Like Tinky Winky, he is very slow, physically and mentally, and speaks in fluent English. Similarly to Tinky, he commonly says "What is UP" when arriving, and is usually slower than Tinky.

Beta po yes

Creepy Beta Po is a extremely strong being, with average intelligence. She has a habit of wanting to fondle things until their bones/endoskeleton fall apart. She speaks in all caps, and is related to Creepy Po.


Beta Fixed Po is a very strong tubbybot with average intelligence. Her strength is extraordinary, and she is not very dumb, though the only thing she ever says is "k" and she always doesn't seem to care very much, doing even the most dangerous of things very casually.


Beta Fixed Laa-Laa is a tubbybot with average strength and high intelligence. She is very knowledgeable in general, but is completely silent, never saying a word. Nobody really knows what her intentions or thoughts are. Rarely, she might communicate by writing on paper.


Beta Fixed Dipsy is a tubbybot with low strength and high intelligence. He speaks in a strange language, and knows many strange things, like Prototype Dipsy. However, his strength is comically low, barely able to perform the simplest of tasks without being hindered by his cripplingly low strength.


Beta Fixed Tinky Winky is a tubbybot with random strength and intelligence. He never acts exactly the same from one incident to the next, always acting like a different tubbybot. There is one thing that is consistent with him, which is the fact that he pulls out random things from his pockets, helpful or not. His grammar also varies.


V1 endo head

The V1 Endoskeleton is an average strength and intelligent endoskeleton, however, it is mostly indifferent to most things that happen to it, and rarely shows any emotion. It does not seem to care at all about most things. It speaks in fluent English.

V2 endo head

The V2 Endoskeleton is an extremely nice endoskeleton, with average strength and intelligence, and always tries to be nice and help others. It is never able to do anything remotely mean to anybody. It speaks in fluent English.

Original endo head

The Original Endoskeleton is an endoskeleton with heightened strength and intelligence, and is very unpredictable, as it randomly switches through the personalities of the other three endoskeletons. It speaks in caps or fluent English based on what mood he is in.

Dipsy v2 head office

The Dipsy Head is a head with inherent low strength and average intelligence. While it is a shell of what used to be the Donger Schlonger, it no longer has any powers and cannot move on its own. When punched, he says "I like paperclips" and as a result, hates paperclips with a passion and hates being hit. He speaks in normal English.

Michael winky

Michael Winky is a powerful but very stupid being, and is empowered whenever "prays michael winky" is said. He is a friend of the Michaelt1 creations and commonly says stuff like "stop say that" and "stop raining my life". He speaks in all lowercase and usually has broken grammar.

Tinky vincy

Tinky Vincy, AKA Anus, is strange being, with his strength and intelligence heavily fluctuating. He always wants to be touched, and sometimes makes others go inside him. He usually speaks in all lowercase with regular grammar. His most commonly spoken phrase is "Touch it", and he is friends with the Michaelt1 creations.


No-No is a red version of the first form of Noo-Noo, and is a vacuum cleaner with medium strength and medium intelligence. He is a devout follower of the One True No-No, and is usually there to command TRACKTERs to help spread the good word of No-No. He speaks in all caps and good grammar. The No-Nos are mortal enemies of the Dongers and the Yes-Yeses.

The One True No-No

The One True No-No is the god of the No-Nos, and has extreme strength and intelligence. He has great power, and great control of his followers, the No-Nos and the TRACKTERs. His main goal is to convert everyone into a follower, and he speaks in good grammar. Nobody actually knows his true form, but the closest available is the image to the left. He is a mortal enemy of the Dongers and the Yes-Yeses.


TRACKTER is a purple version of the first form of Noo-Noo, and has low strength and intelligence. He is a devout follower of the One True No-No, and is usually commanded in large numbers by No-Nos. His purpose is to help spread the good word of No-No. He speaks in all caps and good grammar. The TRACKTERs are mortal enemies of the Dongers and the Yes-Yeses.


Kappa is an extremely sarcastic entity. Nobody knows his true knowledge or strength, as he rarely uses either and doesn't appear very much at all. He always speaks in jokes or sarcastic comments and never means what he says. His grammar can vary depending on what he is saying. Physically, he is a floating grayscale head.


Lenny is an extremely sexual entity. Like Kappa, nobody knows his true strength or knowledge, and also does not appear very much. He always speaks in sexual innuendo and is mentally unable to say anything other than that. His grammar can vary depending on what he is saying. Physically, he is a flat face made up of unicode text.


Can't Wake Up is a strange entity, with above average intelligence and power. He takes the appearance of a skeleton chair with the second form of Po's head on it. He always is trying to wake up inside but always is unable to. He speaks in all caps, and when he finally wakes up inside, he becomes something so godly and powerful that it can delete things out of the universe. This form is what we call, "Critolious".

Milkdud Man

Milkdud Man is a strange entity, with fluctuating strength and generally low intelligence. He appears to be a purple plush with the Tinky Winky Head as his head. He has a large obsession with milkduds, as his name implies, and he devours milkduds as soon as he receives some. He is able to float, like the plushes. He speaks in all caps.

Employee 3 head

Employee #3 is an interesting being, as the corpse/spirit of his former self. He has high intelligence, but low physical strength. He has the power to control the minds of weaker minded beings, and the ability to influence more powerful beings' minds. His physical form is trapped inside Noo-Noo, however, and so his mental reach is limited to a range around him. He usually speaks in all caps, but can also speak normally with fluent English. Before he died, he was a regular person with not very many defining features.


Shrek is a godly entity, with ultimate intelligence and strength. He is incredibly powerful and is worshipped as a god by many. His signature song strengthens him and his allies, while striking fear into his foes. He is widely known for penetrating anusholes, filling them with his love or hate, depending if that being is a friend or foe. He speaks in all caps.

Laa-laa plush-0

The Laa-Laa Plush is a sentient plush toy, with inherent low strength and very low intelligence. Like her tubbybot counterpart, she can only speak one sentence, which happens to be the same thing that the tubbybot Laa-Laa says, but backwards: "em tnaw U". She can float like the other plushes.

Dipsy plush-0

The Dipsy Plush is a sentient plush toy, with inherent low strength and below average intelligence. He is obsessed with hats, and dislikes anything without a hat. He often says hat repeatedly very quickly, and has good spelling and grammar otherwise. He can float like the other plushes.

Tinky plush-0

The Tinky Winky Plush is a sentient plush toy, with above average strength and intelligence. He is a devious entity, with malicious intent to trap all that he sees into his infinite bag. He has the ability to summon large bags which can trap more victims, and like the other plushes, he can float.

Noo-noo plush

The Noo-Noo Plush is a sentient plush toy, with inherent low strength and very low intelligence. He only knows how to speak one word, "suck", and he often is seen sucking on something, always too big for him to engulf it completely. Like the other plushes, he can float.

Noo-noo toy

The Noo-Noo Toy is a sentient plastic toy with below average strength and low intelligence. He does not do very much, except for appearing randomly and disappearing randomly, leaving 17 pixels whenever he leaves. The 17 pixels are dangerous and infects whatever touches it, turning other things into only 17 pixels. The 17 pixels can only be cleaned up by the Noo-Noo Toy and the Noo-Noo Plush. The Noo-Noo Toy can float like the plushes. He is also mostly silent, almost never speaking.

New fixed po

Fixed Po is an incredibly skilled and powerful tubbybot, with heightened intelligence and the power of MLG. She is extremely good at fighting bare hands, and dodges almost every attack thrown at her, usually deflecting them back at her foe. She speaks in MLG speak, like Decimated, and can fight against gods, beating them or lasting for eternity. Her fighting ability is not limited to her hands, and her skill with weapons is exceptional.

New fixed laa-laa

Fixed Laa-Laa is a tubbybot with average intelligence and strength. She does not have much personality, other than asking "can i join" and usually getting no for an answer. She speaks in fluent English with no capitals or punctuation.

New fixed dipsy

Fixed Dipsy is a tubbybot with low intelligence and average strength. He is often confused and makes loud random noises a lot of the time. He speaks in all caps, and almost never knows what is happening around him, commonly running around in circles blindly.

New fixed tinky winky

Fixed Tinky Winky is a tubbybot with average intelligence and heightened strength. He is an expert in fighting, but he parties more often, starting huge parties a lot of the time and getting drunk, with most other tubbybots joining in. He speaks in all caps.

Dip cena

Dip Cena is an incredibly strong tubbybot with good intelligence. He is skilled in fighting and is very fast, to the point where he is no longer visible. He speaks in all caps, and is usually found wrestling with others.


Donut Steel is a godly being, with high intelligence and strength. He is the commander of all OCs, and makes it so people donut steel them. He speaks in many different ways, and can turn others into steel at will. When one goes through his donut hole, that one is transported to the exact same position in another universe.


Mickey Rooney is a strange being, only appearing when impossible things happen. He has unmeasurable power and intelligence, though you wouldn't be able to tell if you somehow manage to meet him. He speaks in many different ways, and is usually there to report that there is a problem with the universe and helps fix it.

He often says: "Congratulations, you ___. Do you want a prize? No? Have a picture of me." where the blank part is what the impossible thing was. Nobody recognizes him.

Sun baby poster

The Sun Baby is a very strange entity, with fluctuating intelligence and high strength. He is often looking for random things to collect, from cool beans to jars of cursed blood. Nobody knows what he truly is and what he is here for. He speaks in all caps.


Fredbear's Anushole is an otherworldly entity, with high strength and low intelligence. He is the anus hole of Fredbear. He is often looking for affection in the form of hugs and kisses, and usually threatens to eat everyone if his demands are not fulfilled. He speaks in bad grammar and spelling, and is not to be confused with N. Fredbear's Anushole, who demands to eat people, and threatens to kiss and hug everyone if his wishes do not come true, leaving them in scratches and fecal matter.


Blue Guy is an otherworldly being, with fluctuating intelligence and strength. His general personality is unknown, as it changes a lot, but he is generally making things blue. Sometimes he can fly, and sometimes he has psychic powers. His speaking pattern fluctuates.


Yes-Yes is a tubbybot with above average intelligence and average strength. He is a green version of the first form of Noo-Noo, and is a devout enemy of the No-Nos and the One True No-No. Their leader is the Ultimate Yes-Yes, who is a very powerful and intelligent Yes-Yes. They speak in fluent English, and though they are in smaller numbers, they are much stronger than the No-Nos and TRACKTERs. They are good friends and allies of the Dongers.


Tinky Winky X is an abomination with high strength and low intelligence. His many heads speak at the same time, making his speech an ineligible garble. He is very powerful, however, and is an important prayser of Michael Winky. He is friends with the Michaelt1 creations.


Lego the vacuum cleaner is an abomination with varying strength and low intelligence. He is a very strange entity, doing many random things, attempting to grind others up, and speaking in loud gibberish. His screen face and trumpet is screaming constantly in agony. He is another important prayser of Michael Winky. He is friends with the Michaelt1 creations.


Po mask is literally just Michael Winky wearing a spare Po head. His strength, intelligence, and speaking pattern is the same, but he tries to act like Po, saying things like "shlop poop" and similar things. Due to his terrible disguise and acting, he never tricks anyone unless they are on a whole other level of stupid.


Old Michael Winky is a more broken and withered version of Michael Winky. He has lower intelligence alone, but his other heads make up for it. His strength is also lowered. He acts similarly to his original version, except more glitchy and dumb. His three heads offer him good advice, but he only occasionally listens. Again, he is strengthened by people praysing him, and he speaks in bad grammar. He is friends with the Michaelt1 creations.


Slendytubbybots po is a strange creature, with high strength and low intelligence. Its many arms are very strong. Often, it acts like a spider, spinning webs and catching unsuspecting tubbybots in them. It speaks in garble. It is also an important prayser of Michael Winky. He is friends with the Michaelt1 creations.

TubbyLand Return

___ Po is a strange "tubbybot". Not much is known about her yet.

___ Laa-Laa is a strange "tubbybot". Not much is known about her yet.

___ Dipsy is a strange "tubbybot". Not much is known about him yet.

___ Tinky Winky is a strange "tubbybot". Not much is known about him yet.

̶J̶a̶p̶e̶d W̶e̶e̶k

I can't talk much about Jape. All I can say is that he's a fucking psychopath, and he has incredible strength and powers. I can't say much more about him without him murdering me.

EDIT: Okay, so I've got more info on him that I can put here. He's disconnected with Critolious and the rest of the tubbybots as a whole, which means he can be pretty undetectable by anyone. He and all the other things associated with him are in a separate place from the tubbybots' world. However, he is somehow able to jump to the tubbybots' world and back easily. His abandonment by the others has caused him to go into a rage, and now he just decides to destroy tubbybots constantly out of anger.

I can't say very much about Apop either, but I can say that he's basically the partner to Jape, and he teleports around finding Jape's targets for him. Any threats or attempts to harm Apop will be met with an extreme attack from Jape.

EDIT: I can put more info here for Apop, like with his partner now. Just like Jape, he's disconnected with Critolious and the tubbybots, but as he can teleport, he can more easily find tubbybots. He was also enraged, just like Jape, so now he restrains some of the tubbybots he finds for Jape to sadistically destroy.

If I missed anyone, please tell me! I'm not doing your random OCs however.

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