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I put FNaTL and FNaTL related photoshops here. Everything that I have made is made with GIMP.

If you want, you can make your own and request to put it up here! You will be given credit, and if a caption is requested, it will be added.




old version

Regular Photoshops

Photoshops made as fanart for the game.

All images in this section:

kv3s1r9.png?1.png Fixed Po (Oldest)

A fixed Po! (my second ever tubby photoshop)

aJhsT4c.png?1.png Fixed Po (Old)

Another fixed Po! Now with a proper head piece and better recoloring!

JkHPRC4.png?1.png 1.0 Original

The Original if the original four tubbybots were never upgraded into 2.0s.

2Cj756B.png?1.png Fixed Prototype Tinky Winky (Old)

A fixed Prototype Tinky Winky!

l15GOMI.png?1.png Fixed Prototype Po (Old)

A fixed Prototype Po!

9CSEU8y.png?1.png Fixed Original (Old)

A fixed Original!

UOL267B.png?1.png Fixed Prototype Dipsy (Old)

A fixed Prototype Dipsy!

K6hXIcT.png?1.png Fixed Prototype Laa-Laa (Old)

A fixed Prototype Laa-Laa!

9DXzk0x.png?1.png Beta Tinky Winky Alone In The Repair Room

Beta Tinky Winky alone in the Repair Room.

IQVcPdi.png?1.png Empty Beta Repair Room

Empty Repair Room, without red lighting and moved objects.

H7jh1ME.png?1.png Tinky Winky Alone In The Repair Room

Tinky Winky alone in the Repair Room.

P8XgBBh.png?1.png Empty Repair Room

Empty Repair Room, without red lighting and moved objects.

Ool26uW.png?1.png White Tubbybot

The white tubbybot.

VFbnjl6.png?1.png Fixed PTLD-93

PTLD-93 is fixed! (note: not good for coloring)

u3d411s.png?1.png Withered Laa-Laa

An extra withered Laa-Laa.

QKT7W4T.png?1.png Spring Laa-Laa

A springtrap Laa-Laa.

tGp0tNl.png?1.png Po Atari Sprite

Atari sprite for fixed Po.

gyEbu8z.png?1.png Laa-Laa Atari Sprite

Atari sprite for fixed Laa-Laa.

gRkc89I.png?1.png Dipsy Atari Sprite

Atari sprite for fixed Dipsy.

QQ5EB9h.png?1.png Tinky Winky Atari Sprite

Atari sprite for fixed Tinky Winky.

uKhRYWx.png?1.png Withered White Tubbybot

Withered white tubbybot.

Silly Stuff

Photoshops made as jokes.

All images in this section:

cAQ2fV5.png?1.png Po-tato

Because why not.

0yTzpjl.png?2.png Choir Tinky

He always dreamed of being a famous singer.

1Lh3nm6.png?1.png Tinky's Bank Heist

put da monies in da bag


The image that began one of the longest running jokes in the wiki.

sbykLAv.png?1.png Max WEED


fRSkpUQ.png?1.png Po's Room Party

why po never gets to host room parties anymore (please never speak to me about this)

G9aokZf.png?1.png Head Incident

dumb thing about evan's fetish for po heads (please never speak to me about this either)

3BV57FX.png?1.png No.png


FSGgqsX.png?1.png MLG Trumpet (Pre-MLG God)

Before he became truly MLG.

jc8SYe8.png?1.png True MLG God Decimated

Our MLG god is here.

OjIcb1f.png?1.png Time For Tubby WEED

our daily dose of tubby weed

64iPQyE.png?1.png Dip-Cena

And his name is Jo- I mean DIP-CENA!!1!1!1!1!/!1/!?!?/!1//1


As gifs require extra effort to create, they are specially featured here.

All images in this section:

Contents: Donger Schlonger jumpscare, Boober Schloober jumpscare, Dicker Schlicker jumpscare, Pooper Schlooper jumpscare, White Tubbybot appearing animation, transparent Beta Po jumpscare, FNaTL 2 Tinky Winky Jumpscare, Dubber Schlubber walking animation, fixed Prototype Tinky Winky jumpscare, and Toy Noo-Noo jumpscare.

Contents: Ducker Schlucker appearing animation, Rex jumpscare, Pappy Fappy appearing animation, unwithered Prototype Dipsy jumpscare, unwithered Prototype Po appearing animation, unwithered Prototype Laa-Laa jumpscare, Dippy jumpscare, Asser Scrasser jumpscare, Decimated jumpscare, and Adriel jumpscare.

Contents: Ren jumpscare, Pip jumpscare, Vector jumpscare, White Tubbybot jumpscare, Cocker Schlocker jumpscare, Fixed Po jumpscare, Fixed Laa-Laa jumpscare, Fixed Dipsy jumpscare, Fixed Tinky Winky jumpscare, and Fixed Noo-Noo jumpscare.

Contents: Squint jumpscare, Fixed Original appearing animation, Spooner Scooner jumpscare, Meeper Deeper jumpscare, Wager Scagger appearing animation, Master jumpscare, Piddler Schiddler jumpscare, Original jumpscare, Purple Po jumpscare, and Tinky Winky jumpscare with both eyes black.

Contents: Dipsy twitching animation fixed, and No-No in the office.


Fan-made audio. - Donger Schlonger scream. - Boober Schloober scream. - Dicker Schlicker scream. - Pooper Schlooper scream.

If you want to add a photoshop to this section, please comment the image(s) below, and I will add them. Credit will be given, and extra notes will be added if its in the caption of the image.

Other People Made These!

Contents: "I'M TRIPPING BALLS MAN", The Most MLG Noo-Noo, Swaggy Dipsy, SWAG-69, The Hardest Night, FNaTL 2 Custard Machine Explosion Incident Cutscene, Ultimate Tubbyland Building Map, "I LIKE PAPERCLIPS!!!!111!!1!!!", MLG Mickey Rooney Bank Heist, and "Dis Is Gon B Good".

Contents: Phantom Noo-Noo, a Thing by Dipsy the Tubbybot, Boober Schloober, DICKER SCHLICKER, POOPER SCHLOOPER, "Bleghhhhh", All Four Tubbybots in the Repair Room, BigThyApple, Laa-Laa as Chica, and a Thing by To1963.

Contents: Prototype Tinky Winky Thing, Purple Prototype Dipsy, Scrapped Purple Prototype Dipsy, Transparent FNaTL 2 Custscene Noo-Noo Jumpscare (Old), Kitchen Tinky Winky Head Transparent, PTLD-93 Static, "Lazily Animated" PTLD-93 Jumpscare, "extreme custard", SALVAGED, and Fake FNaTL 2 Tinky Winky Jumpscare.

Contents: Phantom Dipsy, Phantom Old Po, "The Security Guard is Not Smart", Prototype Tinky Winky in the Props Hall, Prototype Tinky Winky in the Boiler Room, Prototype Tinky Winky in the Ventilation Hall, Prototype Tinky Winky in the Main Hallway, Prototype Tinky Winky in the Office Vent, Prototype Tinky Winky in the Middle Office Door, and Phantom Po 2.0.

Contents: Team Po, Team Laa-Laa, Team Dipsy, Team Tinky Winky, Tubbyland Southern Heritage Units, Dipsy and Tinky Winky as Bearded Dragons, MLG Original, Extra Withered Prototype Laa-Laa, No-No, and TRACKTER.

Contents: Illumitubby, the Snowy Tubbybot, a Thing by To1963, another Thing by To1963, yet another Thing by To1963, Rebooted Teletubbies Noo-Noo, Noo-Noo from the Show, Pink Prototype Hybrid, FNaTL 2 Tinky Winky Missing His Upper Head, and MILKDUD MAN.

Contents: FNaTL 2 Dipsy Withered Like FNaTL Dipsy, FNaTL 2 Laa-Laa Withered Like FNaTL Laa-Laa, All Tinky Winkies in the Room Of Stories, Withered Monster/Old Old Old Po, Unwithered Prototype Dipsy Jumpscare, Spring Po, the Original Po, Critolious, Unwithered Prototype Po Appearing Animation, and Unwithered Prototype Laa-Laa Jumpscare.

Contents: Original Props Po Transparent, All Three Forms of Po in the Spare Room, Red Office, Inky Winky, Tupartubby, Left Door Laa-Laa Transparent, Left Door Dipsy Transparent, Plushtrap Hijacking Prototype Tinky Winky, Prototype Po Full Body Resources, and Prototype Laa-Laa Full Body Resources.

Contents: Prototype Dipsy Full Body Resources, Prototype Tinky Winky Full Body Resources, Noo-Noo and Decimated Full Body Resources, The Original Full Body Resources, Po in the FNaF 4 Closet, Old Laa-Laa, Fixed Laa-Laa, Fan-Made FNaTL 4 Office, Time For Tubbybots, and Fixed Noo-Noo.

Contents: Adventure Fixed Po, Adventure Fixed Laa-Laa, Adventure Fixed Dipsy, Adventure Fixed Tinky Winky, Adventure Noo-Noo, Adventure Fixed Noo-Noo, FNaTL World, Random Resources, Po With Eyes, and Vector Jumpscare.

Contents: White Tubbybot Jumpscare, Noo-nie Custom Night Mugshot, Regular Noo-nie Custom Night Mugshot, Punctured Decimated, Punctured Noo-Noo, Punctured Prototype Po, Punctured Prototype Tinky Winky, Punctured Prototype Laa-Laa, and Punctured Prototype Dipsy.

Contents: Punctured Original, Punctured PTLD-93, Old Scales, Old Old Scales, Old Old Old Scales, Old Dipsy, Old Tinky Winky, Random Resources, Cummer Schlummer, and Puncturemare Fuel Original.

Contents: Puncturemare Fuel Prototype Po, Puncturemare Fuel Prototype Tinky Winky, Puncturemare Fuel Prototype Dipsy, Puncturemare Fuel Prototype Laa-Laa, Puncturemare Fuel Noo-Noo, Puncturemare Fuel Decimated, Puncturemare Fuel PTLD-93, FILE LOST, Puncturemare Fuel Po, and Bessie.

Contents: Bessie V2, Prototype Bessie, Phantom Old Po, Fixed Prototype Bessie, Saturated FNaTL 3 Po, Fixed Original Appearing Animation, Fixed PTLD-93 Jumpscare, Poomba, Tinky Troopa, and Laki Laa-Laa.

Contents: Dipspiny, The Follower, The Greeter, The Waiter, Frowning FNaTL Po, Prototype Noo-Noo, Prototype Decimated, Random Resources, Something by Unaxete, FNaTL 2 Dipsy Head Transparent.

Contents: Fan-Made FNaTL 4 Office, Beta Dipsy with Both Eyes, Noo-Noo With a Cigar and Sunglasses, Ultimate Original, FNaFL: Danker Zone Title Screen, Windmill Animatronic, FNaTL Noo-Noo Atari Sprite (Old), Atari DONGER SCHLONGER, Golden Po, and Atari Beta Dipsy.

Contents: Tubbyland Voice Trumpet Atari Sprite, Decimated Atari Sprite, New Golden Po, N00T N00T, Beta Tinky Winky Atari Sprite, Rekt Milkdud Man, SlendyTubby, BUVyc8yIUBA*7vrbf8a^Gtrb*#&GFva, Fixed Tinky Winky V1 With Both Eyes, and DICKER SCHLICKER Atari Sprite.

Contents: Boober Schloober Atari Sprite, POOPER SCHLOOPER Atari Sprite, PT41-109's True Form (Bloodlust), Transparation, Torture Noo-Noo, Torture Po, Extra Creepy Po, Extra Creepy Noo-Noo, Noo-Noo With Arms and Legs, and Anime Po.

Contents: Anime Laa-Laa, Anime Dipsy, Anime Tinky Winky, A Dip of W33d, Flinky Flonky, Wobbly Pop, Noo-Noo Jumpscare Eye Transparent, Tinky Winky Jumpscare with Both Black Eyes, Tinky Winky Jumpscare Eye Transparent, and Dipsy Twitching Animation Fixed.

Contents: Yes-Yes, PonyHybrid12 in a Nutshell, Cummer Schlummer 3, No-No Is The Best, Yes-Yes 2, DINGLE DONGER, Nightmare Po 2.0, Adriel Don't Tell Me We're Going To Toys R Us Remake, Dining Room 1 Tinky Winky Transparent, and CREEPINGDEATH.

Contents: PTLD-93 Peeking Animation Transparent, Beta Style FNaTL 2 Menu, PTLD-93 With Original Colors, Fixed PTLD-93 With Original Colors, Luke, Less Bright Fixed Po, Twinkie Winky, Repair Room Tinky Winky Transparent, Dipsy's Arcade Po 2.0 Transparent, and Nightmare Original Transparent.

Contents: FNaTL 2 Tinky Winky, Consumer of Plushes, Remade Critolious, Suicide Tubby, Withered Beta Po, Laa-Laa New Eye Transparent, Dipsy New Eye Transparent, Tinky Winky New Eye Transparent, Full Body Dipsy With New Eye, Full Body Laa-Laa With New Eyes, and Full Body Tinky Winky With New Eyes.

Contents: Less Withered Prototype Po, Less Withered Prototype Dipsy, Less Withered Prototype Laa-Laa, Less Withered Prototype Tinky Winky, The Destroyed, WAKE ME UP, SAVE ME, and Ultimate Creepy Po.

Contents: Terrifying Po, WAKE ME UP 2, SAVE ME 2, Really Happy Po, Po.exe, I AM GOD, Ultimate Yes-Yes, and No-No.

Transparent Resources (feel free to use!)

Images of characters and objects cropped out from other images for easy use in photoshopping. If you wish to submit a transparent resource, it will show up here as well as in the community made section.


Contents: Repair Room Po, Po head, Laa-Laa and Beta Laa-Laa heads, full body Dipsy (photoshopped), Kitchen Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa head, Dipsy head, Tinky Winky head, and alternate Dipsy head.

Contents: Kitchen Tinky Winky head, full body Noo-Noo's hose, Time for Tubby Bye-Bye Po, Left Door Laa-Laa, Left Door Dipsy, alternate Left Door Laa-Laa, Kitchen Noo-Noo, Dining Room 1 Tinky Winky, Party Area Tinky Winky, and Repair Room Tinky Winky.

Contents: Laa-Laa head from head swap image.


Contents: Room Of Stories Tinky Winky stage 2, Noo-Noo's Kitchen Noo-Noo stage 2, custard machine, custard machine incident jumpscare, Tubby Hall Po 2.0, Dipsy's Arcade Laa-Laa, Party Room Dipsy, Office Tinky Winky stage 2, Party Room Po 2.0, and Spare Room sitting Po.

Contents: Tubby toaster, Tubby Hall Dipsy head, Tubby Hall Laa-Laa, Kitchen Vent Po, Noo-Noo's Kitchen Noo-Noo stage 1, Dipsy mask from Tubby Hall, new custard machine incident Fixed Tinky Winky, new custard machine incident Fixed Laa-Laa, new custard machine incident Noo-Noo, and new custard machine incident PTLD-93.

Contents: New custard machine incident Fixed Dipsy, new custard machine incident Fixed Dipsy full body (photoshopped), Tubby Toilets Po 2.0, Tubby Toilets Po 2.0 (Nightmare), Poster base Dipsy, PTLD-93 eye from peeking animation, old custard machine incident Fixed Tinky Winky, old custard machine incident Fixed Dipsy, old custard machine incident Fixed Laa-Laa, and Dipsy's Arcade Po 2.0.

FNaTL 3 : The End Game

Contents: Tubby toaster, custard machine, Prototype Tinky Winky full body from video, Dipsy head, Parts Hall B Prototype Po, cowskin hat, Main Hallway Prototype Laa-Laa running frame, Parts Hall Prototype Dipsy, Props Hall Prototype Po, and Main Area Original stage 2.

Contents: Ventilation Hall Decimated, Ventilation Hall Prototype Dipsy, Original Props Po, full body Prototype Po resources, full body Prototype Laa-Laa resources, full body Prototype Dipsy resources, full body Prototype Tinky Winky resources, full body Noo-Noo and Decimated resources, full body Original resources, and assorted object resources.

Contents: Supply Closet Prototype Laa-Laa stage 1, Supply Closet Prototype Laa-Laa stage 2, Supply Closet Prototype Laa-Laa head from a camera disabling animation frame, Noo-Noo FNaTL 1 styled jumpscare, PTLD-93 jumpscare eye, Wreckage Closet Prototype Dipsy stage 1, Wreckage Closet Prototype Dipsy stage 2, Ventilation Hall Prototype Po, non-transparent PTLD-93 full body, and Office vent Prototype Dipsy.

Contents: Nightmare Original and Prototype Tinky Winky head from head swap image.


Contents: Title screen Beta Po head, Dining Room 1 Beta tubbybots, Beta Po jumpscare, Kitchen Beta Tinky Winky, Repair Hall Beta tubbybots, Fixed Beta Po, Fixed Beta Dipsy, Fixed Beta Laa-Laa, Fixed Beta Tinky Winky, and alternate Fixed Beta Po.


Contents: Poster Fixed Po head, poster Fixed Laa-Laa head, poster Fixed Dipsy head, poster Fixed Tinky Winky head, poster Fixed Dipsy full body, V1 Endoskeleton (official), 2.0 Endoskeleton (official), Prototype Endoskeleton (official), Original Endoskeleton (official), and poster Noo-Noo.

Contents: Poster Fixed Po full body, Noo-Noo and hoses separated, assorted object resources, Phantom Eye, PTLD-93 on Noo-Noo, and creepy Fixed Po.

Photoshops of characters being "MLG".

Contents: Beta Po, Beta Laa-Laa, Beta Dipsy, Beta Tinky Winky, Po, Laa-Laa, Dipsy, Tinky Winky, Noo-Noo, and Po 2.0.

Contents: Laa-Laa 2.0, Dipsy 2.0, Tinky Winky 2.0, Po (2), Noo-Noo 2.0, Prototype Po, Prototype Laa-Laa, Prototype Dipsy, Prototype Tinky Winky, and Po (3).

Contents: Noo-Noo (3), the Original, Swagalicious Original, PTLD-93, ChillyFreeze avatar, and Tyrannosaurus dude11 avatar.

Contents: Tubbyland Voice Trumpet, Decimated, and Time for Tubby WEED.

Made by other people.

Contents: Swaggy Dipsy, SWAG-69, Paperclipsy, and Original.