Many OCs.

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Contents: Prototype Original, Pip, Pipes, Zak, Kelly, Squint, Pappy Fappy, Mr. HOH, Squint V2, and Pip V2.

Contents: Zak V2, Pipes V2, Kelly V2, Noo-Noo V3, Upgraded Decimated, Prototype Pip, Prototype Squint, Prototype Kelly, Prototype Pipes, and Prototype Zak.

Contents: The Monster, The Tattered, FUEL-414, Zaria, Zaria V2, Prototype Zaria, DISMANTLED-919, Phantom Po 2.0, Phantom FNaTL 2 Laa-Laa, and Phantom FNaTL 2 Dipsy.

Contents: Phantom Tinky Winky V2, Withered Monster AKA Old Old Old Po, Albino, Albino V2, Prototype Albino, TERRORWITHIN-111, Scarlette, Scarlette V2, Prototype Scarlette, and LOST-515.

Contents: Tundra, Tundra V2, Prototype Tundra, PHANTOM-616, Ripjaw, Racky, Racky V2, Prototype Racky, Trinity, and Trinity V2.

Contents: Prototype Trinity, Axel, Axel V2, Prototype Axel, ASYLUM, Pappy Fappy Appearing Animation, Noah, Nangle AKA Noah V2, Prototype Noah, and Pre-Nangle AKA Noah V2.

Contents: Hate, Hate V2, Prototype Hate, VIRUS-212, Snaplock, TORTURE-313, Hellzone, Hellzone V2, Prototype Hellzone, and AGONY-717.

Contents: Valentia, Valentia V2, Prototype Valentia, GLITCHY-818, PTLD-93 V2, Jade, Jade V2, Prototype Jade, Wreckage, and Old Laa-Laa.

Contents: Withered FNaTL 2 Dipsy, Withered FNaTL 2 Laa-Laa, Withered Po 2.0, Withered FNaTL 2 Tinky Winky, Scales, Punctured Old Po, Punctured Decimated, Punctured Prototype Po, Punctured Noo-Noo, and Punctured Prototype Tinky Winky.

Contents: Punctured Prototype Laa-Laa, Punctured Prototype Dipsy, Punctured Original, Punctured PTLD-93, Old Scales, Old Old Scales, Old Old Old Scales, Old Dipsy, Old Tinky Winky, and Puncturemare Fuel Original.

Contents: Puncturemare Fuel Prototype Po, Puncturemare Fuel Prototype Tinky Winky, Puncturemare Fuel Prototype Dipsy, Puncturemare Fuel Prototype Laa-Laa, Puncturemare Fuel Noo-Noo, Puncturemare Fuel Decimated, Puncturemare Fuel PTLD-93, FILE LOST, Puncturemare Fuel Po, and Bessie.

Contents: Bessie V2, Prototype Bessie, Phantom Old Po, Fixed Prototype Bessie, BONER DONER, Squint jumpscare, Zana V2, Prototype Zana, Fixed Prototype Zana, and Fixed Prototype Pip.

Contents: The Carnage, Olivia, Olivia V2, Prototype Olivia, Fixed Prototype Olivia, Lola-Lola, Lola-Lola V2, Prototype Lola-Lola, Fixed Prototype Lola-Lola, and Zana.

Contents: Sola, Sola V2, Prototype Sola, Pip Atari Sprite, Kelly Atari Sprite, Pipes Atari Sprite, Squint Atari Sprite, Zak Atari Sprite, Cluster of Prototype OC's Heads on an Original, and Deniser Peniser.

Contents: Cypex, Cypex V2, Old Cypex V2, Prototype Cypex, Jecimated, WTB's Old Avatar Full Body, Fixed Prototype Squint, Motherboard, Motherboard V2, and Prototype Motherboard.

Contents: Xael, Xael V2, Prototype Xael, Stainless-Steel, Stainless-Steel V2, Prototype Stainless-Steel, Malachite, Malachite V2, Prototype Malachite, and Ruby.

Contents: Ruby V2, Prototype Ruby, Toxic, Toxic V2, Prototype Toxic, Sophia, Sophia V2, Prototype Sophia, Fantom, and Fantom V2.

Contents: Prototype Fantom, Moonlight, Moonlight V2, Prototype Moonlight, Poltergeist, Withered Original, Zolaxia, Zolaxia V2, Prototype Zolaxia, and Fixed Prototype Kelly.

Contents: fixed dopsy, Butcher, Butcher V2, Old Butcher V2, Prototype Butcher, Cleaver, Cleaver V2, Old Cleaver V2, Prototype Cleaver, and Old Jecimated V2.

Contents: Prototype Jecimated, Knockoff Po, Knockoff Tinky Winky, Knockoff Dipsy, Knockoff Laa-Laa, Knockoff Noo-Noo, Withered Monster/Old x4 Po, nitmar p0, Jecimated V2, and Yiss Piss.

Contents: Guts, Guts V2, Prototype Guts, Withered Monster (FINAL REMAKE), Withered Withered Withered Monster AKA Old x5 Po, Sharty Farty, Schorpser Corpser, Prototype Racky's Head, Prototype Valentia's Head, and Magma.

Contents: Magma V2, Prototype Magma, Fixed Prototype Pipes, the Protomare, Magma's Cowhat, Blair, Blair V2, Prototype Blair, Hensely, and Hensely V2.

Contents: Prototype Hensely, Amelia, Amelia V2, Prototype Amelia, the Mistake, G_H_O_S_T_ (Patient #6), Xecimated, Xecimated V2, Old Xecimated V2, and Prototype Xecimated.

Contents: Voo-Doo, Voo-Doo V2, Old Voo-Doo V2, Prototype Voo-Doo, Jessica's Cowhat, Arachno, Arachno V2, Prototype Arachno, the Smoldering, and Stella.

Contents: Stella V2, Prototype Stella, Calaz, Calaz V2, Prototype Calaz, Jessica, Jessica V2, Prototype Jessica, Serphina, and Serphina V2.

Contents: Prototype Serphina, Beta Tinky Winky Atari Sprite, Prototype Volt, the Mistake Remake, Volt, Volt V2, Punchurblood Delete Old Po, Punchurblood Delete PTLD-93, Punchurblood Delete Noo-Noo V2, and Punchurblood Delete Decimated.

Contents: PT41-109 (Origin), Jackie, Jackie V2, Prototype Jackie, the Bootleg, Beta Amelia, Beta Hensely, Beta Blair, Beta Serphina, and Fixed Vandalised Original.

Contents: Punchurblood Delete Original, Punchurblood Delete Po V2, Punchurblood Delete Laa-Laa V2, Punchurblood Delete Tinky Winky V2, Punchurblood Delete Dipsy V2, Punchurblood Delete Prototype Tinky Winky, Punchurblood Delete Prototype Dipsy, Punchurblood Delete Prototype Laa-Laa, Punchurblood Delete Prototype Po, and the Poltergeist Remake.

Contents: Fixed Vandalised Wreckage, Fixed Vandalised Tattered, Fixed Vandalised ASYLUM, Fixed Po V1, Fixed Dipsy V1, Fixed Laa-Laa V1, Fixed Tinky Winky V1, Fixed Tinky Winky V1 Alternate, Fixed PT41-109 (Bluey), and Megawatt.

Contents: Choco, Choco V2, Prototype Choco, Eerie, Eerie V2, Prototype Eerie, Waterballoons, Waterballoons V2, Prototype Waterballoons, and the Breckage.

Contents: Violette, Violette V2, Prototype Violette, DICKER SCHLICKER Atari Sprite, Boober Schloober Atari Sprite, POOPER SCHLOOPER Atari Sprite, PT41-109's True Form (Bloodlust), Original's Endoskeleton, the Bootleg Remake, and Prototype PT41-109 (Prototype Bluey).

Contents: Mileena, Mileena V2, Prototype Mileena, Prototype Mileena's Head, Solar, Solar V2, Prototype Solar, Fixed Vandalised Snaplock, Trap-Jaw, and Phantom Prototype Po.

Contents: Phantom Prototype Laa-Laa, Phantom Prototype Dipsy, Phantom Prototype Tinky Winky, Phantom Original, Phantom Dipsy V2 Head, Phantom Eye, and Phantom Trumpet.

Contents: Calaz Remake, Racimo Remake, Mimicry Combat Mode, Splithead, and the Pipsqueak, all made by WTB.


Contents: Ellen, Ellen V2, Prototype Ellen, Neon, Neon V2, Prototype Neon, Spitfire, Spitfire V2, Prototype Spitfire, and Tob-ybbuts Pack #2.

Contents: Patient #1 (Tob-ybbut), Tob-ybbuts Pack #1, Patient #2 (Tob-ybbut), Patient #5 (Tob-ybbut), Patient #4 (Tob-ybbut), Patient #3 (Tob-ybbut), Patient #2 (Remake), ☹□⬧⧫ ????●◆♏⍓ (Lost Bluey) (Patient #7), Patient #8, and Patient #8 Glitched.

Contents: Patient #9, Patient #9 (Glitched), Retina, Armored Retina, Hyper Armored Retina, Hacked Retina, Retina's Armor Stand, and Patient #10.

Contents: Tob-ybbut Pack #3, Hyperblast Armored Retina, Fixed Prototype Zak, Beta Ridicule (Beta Tetona), Tetona (ASCM51-900), Armored Tetona, Tetra Armored Tetona, Tetracurve Armored Tetona, Patient #11, and Patient #12.

Contents: Nightmare Fuel, Tetona's Armor Stand, Patient #13, Ridicule, Rampage, Longhaul, Mixmaster, Hightower, Scrapper, and Killclaw.

Contents: Overload, Skeemd, Skeemd (Hanging Head), Skeemd Glitching (Epilepsy Warning), Alt Rampage, H_A_U_N_T_ (Patient #14), Knightmare, Mini-Knightmare, G_H_O_S_T_ Remake (Patient #6), and Corrupted Racimo.

Contents: Alt Pip, Mutant Pip, Skeem, Skeem Glitching, Skeem (Hanging Head), Mutant Retina, Armored Mutant Retina, Mutant Tetona, Armored Mutant Tetona, and Old Bluey.

Contents: Mutant Rampage, Mutant Longhaul, Mutant Mixmaster, Mutant Hightower, Mutant Scrapper, Mutant Overload, Mutant Killclaw, Alt Pipes, Alt Squint, and Swarmbound (Mutant).

Contents: Mutant Ridicule (The Bustmagate), Mutant Ridicule Remake (The Bustmagate), Mutant Ridicule Clone, Zolaxia Remake (Zolaxkia), Fantom Remake (Spotlight), Moonlight Remake (Luna), Sophia Remake (Ignite), Toxic Remake (Toxic-Waste), Jessica Remake, and Mutant Knightmare.

Contents: Blair Remake, Stella Remake, Hensely Remake, Alexia Remake, Seraphina Remake, Motherboard Remake, Xael Remake, Ruby Remake, Stainless-Steel Remake, and Malachite Remake.

Contents: D_N_A_, Mutant D_N_A_, and D_N_A_ Minion. "First Wave of New OC's + SPOILER WARNING!", contains DNA-Shifter Remake, Nercedes (Plus V2, Withered V2, and Prototype), Hecimated (Plus V2, Withered V2, and Prototype), Patient #15, Patient #16, Avery (Plus V2 and Prototype), Harper (Plus V2 and Prototype), Laciee (Plus V2 and Prototype), Mixie (Plus V2 and Prototype), Salma (Plus V2 and Prototype), Beetlebreak (Plus V2 (Velma) and Prototype), Prototype Retina (Plus Fixed version), Prototype Tetona (Plus Fixed version), Fixed Prototype Pip, Fixed Prototype Squint, Fixed Prototype Pipes, Fixed Prototype Bluey, Gigawatt, Remade Breakage, The Plaything, Remade Bluey, Empress Blueback, Aggravated Blueback, Gleaming Pip, Gleaming Pipes, Gleaming Squint, Gleaming Kelly, Gleaming Zak, Gleaming Bluey, Gleaming Retina, Gleaming Tetona, Open Gleaming Pip Mask, Mimicry, and Gestalt. All made by WTB.


Contents: Delilah, Noo-Noo Tinky Winky, Noo-Noo Po, Marc, Hurricane, Collin, Scarlet, Ermac, Noo-Noo Prototype Dipsy, and Cyber.

Contents: Ermac (Alternate), Tripp, Jennifer, Kano, Kitana, Prototype Ermac, Prototype Jennifer, Prototype Kano, Prototype Tripp, and Prototype Kitana.

Contents: Modern, FULL DONGER SCHLONGER, ?????, Dalton, Withered Dalton, Dalton V2, Prototype Dalton, Sammantha, Withered Sammantha, and Sammantha V2.

Contents: Prototype Sammantha, Savannah, Withered Savannah, Savannah V2, Prototype Savannah, Barry, Withered Barry, Barry V2, Prototype Barry, and Miku.

Contents: Withered Miku, Miku V2, Prototype Miku, Lupe, Withered Lupe, Lupe V2, Prototype Lupe, Emerald, Withered Emerald, and Emerald V2.

Contents: Prototype Emerald, Dawn, Withered Dawn, Dawn V2, Prototype Dawn, Morgan, Withered Morgan, Morgan V2, Prototype Morgan, and Devastator.

Contents: Justin, Withered Justin, Justin V2, Prototype Justin, Ripjaw, SKYE-929, Rosalina, and Dorito.


Contents: Mutation, Withered Tinky Winky V2, Withered Old Po, Withered Dipsy V2, Withered Laa-Laa V2, Withered Dipsy, Prototype Po, Po 2.0 as the Original, Hector, and Penny.

Contents: Ben, Jennifer, Gamma, the Prototype, TF-636, ORR-015, Stanley, Ben V2, Hector V2, and Jennifer V2.

Contents: Penny V2, Stanley V2, Old Hector, Prototype Hector, Prototype Penny, Prototype Ben, Prototype Jennifer, Prototype Stanley, Really Old Hector, and Random 64.

Contents: Random 42, Random 71, Random 103, Cluster, Old Hector V2, Old Ben V2, The Prototype, Original Prototype, Phantom Po, and Phantom Laa-Laa.

Contents: Phantom Dipsy, Phantom Noo-Noo, Phantom Original, 3 Headed Laa-Laa, Remade Hector, Remade Penny, Remade Ben, Remade Jennifer, and Remade Stanley.

Bonnie fan Glitchy

Contents: Toy Noo-Noo, Noo-Noo fan Glitchy, Toy Noot-Noot, Toy Noo-Noo after the explosion, Toy Noo-Noo in the warehouse, four Toy Noo-Noo custom mugshots, and Toy Noo-Noo jumpscare.

Contents: Vector, Withered Noo-Noo, Noo-nie, Vector V2, Withered Noo-nie, Noo-nie, Prototype Vector, Withered Vector, Toon Vector, and Vector Teletubby.

Contents: Glue-Glue, Glue-Glue V2, Glue-Glue V3, Glue-Glue in the Office, Easton, Easton V2, Prototype Easton, Fixed Easton, Tinky Linky, and Phantom Glue-Glue V2.

Contents: Phantom Vector, Nightmare Noo-nie, Nightmare Toy Noo-Noo, Toon Po, Old Noo-Noo, Vector jumpscare, Spring Noo-nie, Noo-nie custom night mugshot, and Normal Noo-nie custom night mugshot.


Contents: Tonky Lonky, Tonky Lonky V2, Prototype Tonky Lonky, Fixed Prototype Tonky Lonky, Tonky Lonky Plush, Dip, Kipper, Rippy, Jave, and Noo-Noo V2.

Contents: Old Tonky, Old Jave, Fixed Tonky Lonky, Prototype Dip, Fixed Prototype Dip, Prototype Kipper, Dip V2, Kipper V2, Rippy V2, and Jave V2.

Contents: Kirb, Tim Tim, Illy, Stevie, Lil Bill, Toy Kirb, Toy Tim Tim, Toy Illy, Toy Stevie, and Toy Lil Bill.

Contents: Prototype Rippy, Prototype Kirb, Prototype Illy, Prototype Stevie, Prototype Lil Bill, and Spermer Dermer.

The Real PTLD-93

Contents: The Swaginator, Steve, TRAMPET SCHLAMPET, WOCKER DOCKER, FAPPER DAPPER, PTLD-93 Plush, Steve Model, Steve Atari Sprite, Old Steve, Old Steve Atari Sprite, Acid Noo-Noo, Steve V2, Phantom Fixed Po, Phantom Fixed Dipsy, Salvage Steve, TF-0006, ThatRandomMike Tubbybot, Mr. Handy, PEEPER CREEPER, Creator, Delta, Old Mr. Handy, Old Delta, Old Creator, Creator V2, Delta V2, Mr. Handy V2, Withered Steve V2, Withered Delta V2, Withered Creator V2, Ghost Mr. Handy, Shadow Steve, ☞⚐☼☝☜❄, Withered Stevie, Old Steve (2), the Fourmare, Guardian (Armored), Guardian, MURDER, MUTO, REAL_STEVE, [BLOCKED], [BLOCKED] Steve, and [BLOCKED] Delta.


Contents: Bule, Brownie, Max, Rex, Sally, BMJDF-611, 11traaa49446ve2niad7 AKA the Hybrid, Fear Itself, May, D4@G0N-771, Fixed Brownie, Fixed Bule, Rex jumpscare, Fixed Rex, Fixed Max, Sarah, Retaw, Bule V1, Bule V2, Luna, and CREEPINGDEATH.


Contents: TP-292, Arnold, DEAD-282, DU-73, EXE-95, Prototype Arnold, Arnold V2, DMS-717, Old Arnold, and Carl.


Contents: Tubbyland Ghost, GFA-628, Freakshow, Withered Tubbyland Ghost, Fixed GFA-628, Fixed Freakshow, RBD-73L, and RBD-73L (Alternate).


Contents: Dippy, Dippy jumpscare, Rusty, Millie, Millie model, Sparky Larky, and Sparky Larky V1.

Toonster Games (AKA IlluminatiGamer91)

Contents: Danko, FUCKER SCHMUCKER, Toonster, Prototype Toonster, Toonster Teletubby, Toonster V2, and Withered Toonster.

Springy Boo (AKA Captain Svetlana's Shadow Bonnie)

Contents: Prototype Torrent, Torrent, Spooner Scooner, Spooner Scooner jumpscare, Torrent V2, and Withered Torrent.


Contents: The Normal, Prototype Tom, Eoo Eoo, Eoo Eoo V1, Nightmare Fuel Decimated, and Noo-Noo with a weird nozzle.


Contents: Cyanide, Withered Cyanide, Cyanide V2, Prototype Cyanide, OLD CUMMER SCHLUMMER, and NEW CUMMER SCHLUMMER.


Contents: Electro, Confetti, Prototype Confetti, Confetti V2, and Nightmare Confetti.

Tyrannosaurus dude11

Contents: Taro, Charlotte Tubby, Fixed Charlotte Tubby, and Weeder Smoker.

Walten Paperclips (AKA DeadWalt Computer Entertainment)

Contents: Prototype Walten, Withered Walton, Piddler Schiddler, Piddler Schiddler jumpscare, and Booty Schlooty.

Amazing gassy poop231

Contents: Adriel, Fixed Adriel, Adriel jumpscare, Prototype Adriel, and LEE.


Contents: Chack, Ducker Schlucker Appearing Animation, TRACKTOR SHMACKTOR, and Cocker Schlocker jumpscare.


Contents: CRZY-87, the Hydra, and the Endo Man.


Contents: Meeper Deeper and Meeper Deeper jumpscare.

GJ-Lewis X

Contents: Bern and Humper Bumper.

Pichu 22's wiki

Contents: New-New and Tw-very V2.

Jevron L Freeman

Contents: Illumitubby and Diamond Tubby.


3XqPmRc.png?1.png Ren.


m9tlyBK.png?2.png Linky.


1BEjCxY.png?1.png PZKF-10. (Click for full size image)


Contents: Michael Winky, Tinky Vincy, Old Michael Winky, Lego the vacuum cleaner, Po mask, Slendytubbybots Po, and Tinky Winky X.


Contents: Fred, Skippy, Jackson, Skippy Plush, Hatter, and X Po.