Now please, what I am about to so will be very spooky, and real, so everyone warning every on this also you have to be 67 years old to read it. Take me completely seriously, this isnt some crappy creepy pasta or whatever. Totally being serious.

It was only a normal day, I logged onto and complained about copypastas, got beat by the Tryhard Dark soul 3 players with their overpowered bs, so I decided "wow, this sucks, I'll play some Tubbyland 1 Revamp!"

That mistake may be the worst but I can't tell the future so don't take my word on it

I loaded it up and everything seemed normal, but within five seconds the noo-no jumpscare popped up, which was way too early I thought. I passed it off as a glitch and re loaded it. This time though.... The static was gone, and the po on the title wasn't twitch .tv ing. Just staring directly at the screen. That really made my skin crawl. As I clicked the new game button I wondered if the wounds would heal. Then as I was thrust into the first night I noticed I couldn't acsess the custardom night! I thought must've been some glitch with my pc and passed it on. Then I noticed the phone call was different.... Wait, it wasn't there at all.

Though I put up the cam and looked around, and I saw that instead of where the tubbybots where, there was only pools of blood! It looked like it was real! No, HYPER REALISTIC! I threw up blood in real life when I saw that, but it was probably just a glitch. When I put my cam down I saw something truely terrifiyoyinging.... Noo-Noo! But.... He was red! Ironicly, he was the only thing on screen not glitching. I couldn't find the button fast enough so he killed me, but the jumpscare was different.... It depicted this red Noo-Noo being petted by- oh no....

I hope I don't get banned for disturbing content for saying this....


I about wet my pants when I realised what was going on, but then text showed up on screen saying "TURN AROUND"

I did, and what I saw was truely edge

Red Noo-Noo, sitting on the floor, covered and blood that I would totally be able to see on his glorious red body, with bleeding eyes. Staring me down.. I didn't know what to do, so I asked the only reasonable thing

"U want me"

Then I died.

I just became a spooky ghost to write this.

Also ur next er sumthin

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