• Warlofe

    So i know some of you really want dem sfm tubbybots. So i decided to make this blog on what to expect with the tubbybots coming to sfm.

    First thing fir-

    Po: YOU LIE TO US!

    Warlofe: What?

    Po: You said that this was the week we would be ported to sfm. BUT THERE IS NO SIGN ON US IN SFM!

    Warlofe: C-Calm down Po! I haven't finish talking to my peeps on what's going on

    Po: Then Explain!

    Warlofe: Alright! Jeez

    For those who are unaware, last week (I think) I ask Spygineer a sfm guy who can port stuff in sfm if i can send some models to him and for him to port it to sfm

    He replied with "Well i can only say maybe."

    So i send him the models. A couple of day goes by. Then i talk to him again!

    I was wondering when the porting the models in sfm was gonna happen. …

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  • Warlofe

    Tubbyland 2 fanfic

    November 11, 2015 by Warlofe

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