So i know some of you really want dem sfm tubbybots. So i decided to make this blog on what to expect with the tubbybots coming to sfm.

First thing fir-


Warlofe: What?

Po: You said that this was the week we would be ported to sfm. BUT THERE IS NO SIGN ON US IN SFM!

Warlofe: C-Calm down Po! I haven't finish talking to my peeps on what's going on

Po: Then Explain!

Warlofe: Alright! Jeez

For those who are unaware, last week (I think) I ask Spygineer a sfm guy who can port stuff in sfm if i can send some models to him and for him to port it to sfm

He replied with "Well i can only say maybe."

So i send him the models. A couple of day goes by. Then i talk to him again!

I was wondering when the porting the models in sfm was gonna happen. Then he replied with "Maybe next weekend."

That all the message he have replied with me during the past few days. So we need to still be patient and wait a little more until the day come.

But if there was a chance Spygineer would quit porting the models in sfm, I can always find someone else to do it.

And that why you don't eat doritos and mountain dew at the same time :D

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