This is a fangame Created by me, Whiptoung, also being developed by Tuparman, and Mr.Cowhat77 so far.

The game is a Prequel to FNaTL 1, and takes place just before the Custard Machine explosion Incident. It's almost like Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Featuring the Prototypes before they were sent to the warehouse, and The First Animatronics in their natural state. Functions are only being developed as of now, but the characters are as follows.

Po: The Original Po, Before she was In such bad shape

Tinky Winky



Prototype Po

Prototype Tinky Winky

Prototype Laa-Laa

Prototype Dipsy

The Original also returns since he is a prototype, But is not as badly damaged as before, and also has none of the v2 heads attached to him since they were not created at the time.

Noo-Noo also returns, but does not contain Employee #3 Since he is still alive but not a part of the company.

Decimated makes an appearance, but will not kill the player, and will function as BB.

PTLD-93 is an Easter egg, and will cause a game crash if seen

Functions (As of now)

  • Original Is in a room right behind the player. He has a set timer to go off every Hour. The player must close the door at the right time, or Original will kill the player. The player also only has 10 Chances to use his/her door. On later nights, Original comes out every half hour. A function to turn around will also warn the player if Original is coming.
  • All the prototypes but Laa-Laa will have the same behavior as Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica from FNaF 2. Proto Laa-Laa will imitate Foxy's AI, But she can only be stopped if the player flips their monitor up and down.
  • Noo-Noo will have a music box Like he did in the second game,But this time, The player will need to wind it to protect themselves. However, It can Only go down in increments of 10. 


MNiT Teaser 1

The First Teaser for the game


Time is Ticking Teaser, Created by Tuparman


The Tick Tock teaser, brightened

Rejected and Remade

Tinky Winky's teaser

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