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    Po is nice in this game.She very often likes killing nightguards and protecting them.

    She is often obsessed with her music box and very often tries to scare nightguards.

    Laa Laa is not often that creepy in this game,but she likes trains and has lots of habits of customers.

    And she says"u want me".

    Dipsy does not kill guards but just force them to run out of power. And he often likes paperclips and picks up as much as he can.

    Tinky Winky is not able to walk due to his legs gone.But he considers Noo noo as a pet for him.


    Prototype po is very annoying at times and always is annoying at times.She likes making things making her quite powerful.

    Prototype laa laa always fucks guards at times.And is quite shit as well as making shits as well as noting…

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  • Windows User 23232

    i am now okay

    February 29, 2016 by Windows User 23232

    hey guys i am okay

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