I discovered a hunger games simulator online and went wild. Here's some of the tournaments I have done and their winners. Soon, I'll upload albums of highlights. The website is below. Do note that it takes some time to set up. I suggest googling a tutorial or asking Tuparman on Discord for help.

(The first one was done by Tuparman.)

FNATL wiki memes. Done it twice. The winner was Toy r us (wiki meme by I believe michaelt1) and second was OUR GOD, ULTIMATE YES-YES.

- Nearly every single one of my OC's. Did about 260 of them with 4-5 sessions. Took me about 2 and a half hours to set up. The winner was Phantom Laa-Laa V2.

- A majority of the FNATL wiki members. The winner was Mileta. I blame her 50 accounts.

Upcoming: Another session of my OC's, maybe two with a rematch against the current champion, Phantom Laa-Laa V2 + Possible rematch of FNATL wiki members with possible extra users.

You got suggestions? Message me.

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