Hello! I Am xXxMLGFNAFxXx!

For Those Who Don't Know. I'm Currently Working on a FNATL Fan-Game! Well Sort Of...

I Can't Make It a Actual Game, Here's Why.

1. I Will Have Very Little Time to Do It Because of School

2. I Don't Have Clickteam Fusion 2.5

3. I Would Need Tuparman to Create More Images and He is Struggling With All The Photoshop Requests

4. I Don't Have Anyone to Help Me, Crit's Done With FNATL and Tuparman's Busy With Requests

5. I Would Need a Phone Guy, And Of Course, I Have No One to Help Me

But I Will Make a Wikia With Cameras, Mechanics, Characters and ETC

A FNATL: DZ 2, 3 or 4? Maybe, Here's The Setting on Each One

FNATL: DZ 1: It Takes Place in a New Ware-House After The 3rd Game Takes Place

FNATL: DZ 2: It Takes Place at The Same Ware-House But More Tattered and Different Animatronics

FNATL: DZ 3: It Takes Place at The Same Ware-House But Even More Tattered and Deadly Animatronics

FNATL: DZ 4: It is a Prequel

FNATL: DZ 5: This One I'm Not Sure About, I Might Just Make It Like FNAF 4.

I'm Still Working on The Wikia and I'm About to Start on The Cameras

Anyways, I Might Update This But This is All For Now! See Ya!

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