This Page is FFATL-Based, It's a Joke. This is My View. Too Lazy to Put Photos

Prototype Po:

Prototype Po Has Weak Strength But Is a Little Smart, He Acts Like a Idiot and Loves Toothpaste and Toothbrushs, She Will Kill Them. He Speaks in Good Grammer But Still Acts Dumb

Prototype Tinky Winky:

Prototype Tinky Winky Has Average Strength and Average Intelligence. He Has Bad English, Nearly Always Talking in Lower-Case. He is Shy But Can Go Ballastic Easily. He Hates How He is Stuck in a Hole

Prototype Dipsy:

Prototype Dipsy is a Very Aggressive Hypocrite, He is Not That Strong Because of His Lack of Arms But Very Smart. He Says Things Like k den, u wot and git rekt. He Can Also Be Extremely Annoying and Gets Mad at The Smallest Things. He Sometimes P#sses Off Noo-Noo V2 By Saying He Stole His Arms. He Also Loves Pepsi.

Prototype Laa-Laa:

Prototype Laa-Laa is Very Dumb But a Little Aggressive, She Always Says ey bby wana fok and Always Complains, Most of The Time Will Just Run Around, Flailing

Po V2:

Po V2 is Extremely Aggressive and Very Smart, She Bickers and Complains About Every Single Thing and Complains That Everyone is Dumb and She Even Hates Schlonger Donger and His Friends. She Rarely Furiously Touches Butts But Addicted to Old Po Heads, Not The 3rd Game, She Hates Those Ones.

Laa-Laa V2:

Laa-Laa V2 Has Average Strength and Average Intelligence. She Also Complains About Her Eyes are Gone and Always Blames Noo-Noo V2, Making Him Mad. She Hates Her Other Counterparts Because They Thinks They are Dumb (Which is a Little True). She Sometimes Furiously Touches Some Butts.

Tinky Winky V2:

Tinky Winky V2 is Very Smart and Has Average Strength. He Always Furiously Touches Someone's Butt When He is Mad and Loves to Sing. He Loves Candy, Mostly Milkduds

Dipsy V2:

Dipsy V2 Has Low Intelligence But Average Strength. He is Highly Addicted to Paperclips and Likes Pepsi a Little Bit. He Worships Decimated and Jecimated and Loves to Furiously Touch Butts.


Po Acts Like Her V2 Counterpart, But Doesn't Complain. She Always Asks If Anyone is There and Complains About Being Blind, She Loves Music-Boxes and French Fries Though.


Tinky-Winky is Very Dumb With Weak Intelligence. He Thinks He is a Frisbee and Will Fly Around, Smashing Into Things. He Loves Milkduds As Well.


She Acts Like Her Prototype Counterpart and Not a Hypocrite, She Always Says u want me and pls. She is Very Active and a Little Aggressive and Smart.


He is Average at Intelligence and Strength. He Can't See Good and Is Addictive to Hamburgers and Mountain Dew. He Has a Small Crush With Laa-Laa But Hates Her Counterparts

Beta Po:

Beta Po Has Average Intelligence and Weak Strength. He Loves Playing The N64, Playing It 24/7. She is Like Po, Being Blind and Complains Sometimes. She Hates Her Prototype and V2 Counterparts and Complains About Noo-Noo Being Annoying.

Beta Tinky Winky:

Beta Tinky-Winky is Very Aggressive and Has Average Intelligence. He Hates His FNATL 1 Counterpart Because He Has His Left Thigh While He Has No Legs at All. He is a Jerk and Also Hates Tinky Winky and Po's Counterparts.

Beta Laa-Laa:

Beta Laa-Laa Has Average Intelligence and Average Strength. She Always Says u want me instead and pls m8, She Always Argues About Her FNATL 1 Counterpart and Also Hates Her Prototype Counterpart, She Doesn't Care About Laa-Laa V2.

Beta Dipsy:

Beta Dipsy is Like His FNATL 1 Counterpart, Instead With More Lower Intelligence But Slighty Higher Strength. He is The One of The Dumbest Tubby-Bots. He Likes Mountain Dew, Melons, Kiwis and Papaya's However, He Hates Hamburgers. He Always Carries Around His Missing Eye.

Noo-Noo V1:

Noo-Noo V1 Has Low Intelligence But Very Little Strength. He Always Complains and Bickers, Saying Things Like git rekt dumb kid xDDD. He Acts MLG But is Actually Very Annoying.

Noo-Noo V2:

Noo-Noo V2 is Insanely Aggressive and Has a Little More Strength. He Screams and Swears Nearly Always and Hates Laa-Laa V2 and Prototype Dipsy. He Loves to Steal Candy From Tinky Winky V2.

Old Noo-Noo V2:

Noo-Noo V2 is a Little Less Aggressive and Has a Tiny Bit More Strength. He Doesn't Scream Often But Swears Alot More and Pretends He is Better Than The Others, Including Decimated. He Always Argues With Employee #3's Corpse and The Others.


Decimated is The Most OP Tubby-Bots, Always Carrying Blunts, AWP's, Dorritos and Mountain Dew, He Can Teleport, Fly, Go Invisible, ETC and ETC. He is The Most MLG and Is Almost Immortal


Jecimated is Decimated's Twin, She is Female and Purple. She is Not MLG But Still Can Teleport, Fly, Go Invisible and ETC. She is Very Chill and Smart.

Decimated's Son:

Decimated's Son is Smaller. He Loves Decimated and a Little to Jecimated. He Can Still Teleport, Fly, Go Invisible and ETC. He Hates Creepy Po, Po-Tato and a Little Bit to PTLD-93.

Old Po:

Old Po is More Aggressive and Smarter, He Has Aged Heavily and Has Learned More. He Can Fly a Little Bit and Hates Nearly All The Tubby-Bots, Not Including Original, All Noo-Noo's and a Little Bit For Jecimated and The Beta's.

Old Old Po:

Old Old Po is Alot More Aggressive and Smarter, He Can Fly and Rekt Nearly All Tubby-Bots in a Few Hits and Can Teleport Also, He Acts Like He Owns The Warehouse

Creepy Po:

Creepy Po is More Aggressive, Stronger and Smarter Than Decimated. She Can Rekt Any Tubby-Bots in One Hit, Minus Decimated and Jecimated. He Yells and Screams Alot and Can Teleport, Fly, Go Invisible and Can Use Telekinese and Sanic Speed.


Po-Tato is Creepy Po's Final Form. He is 100x Stronger Than Creepy Po and Can Rekt Anyone in One Hit But He is Hard For Creepy Po to Gain. He Can Do Anything and Even Grant Wishes and Destroys Worlds

The Original:

The Original is Very Wise and Strong But a Little Dumb. He is Extremely Aggressive and Can Run Fast. His Arms Can Drag Tons of Powers From Anything and He Always Complains With His V2 Heads.

Po V2 Head:

Po V2 is Full of Herself, She Always Says She is The Best Because of Being Smarter and Not Withered Unlike The Other Heads.

Laa-Laa V2 Head:

She is Slighty Smarter But Can Bite Because of Her Lack of Lower Jaw, She Has a Tiny Bit of Strength.

Tinky Winky V2 Head:

He is Extremely Ballastic, Screaming MILKDUDSSSS'. He is Extremely Cute Because of His Giant Shiny Eyes But Annoying Because of Him Being Addictive to Milkduds

Dipsy V2 Head:

He is a Hollow Mask, He Still Loves Paperclips and Sits on The FNATL 3 Office Desk. He Talks in a Robotic Voice and Always Says I Like Paperclips.


He is Very Mysterious. He Flashes in Places Glitchy and Can Teleport and Go Invisible. He is The Oldest and Wisest Tubby-Bot and Has Average Strength.

Po Plush:

Po Plush is a Very Odd But Cute Creature. Her Weapon is a Tomahawk. She Has Average Intelligence and Strength But Hates The Beta's, Mostly Beta Po

Original Endoskeleton:

He Thinks He is Funny and Does Horrible Jokes, Like Saying He is Very Original, Original and The V2 Head's Hate Him.

V2 Endoskeleton:

V2 Endoskeleton is Very Odd, He Rarely Speaks and Has Fast Reflexes, But Rarely Moves

V1 Endoskeleton:

V1 Endoskeleton Acts Like V2 Endoskeleton But Moves More Often.

Prototype Endoskeleton:

Prototype Endoskeleton is Similar to Noo-Noo V2, Being Very Aggressive, Being Blamed For Stealing Parts From The Tubby-Bots and Thinks He is More MLG Than Decimated, Which is Wrong

Parker Anderson:

He is Rarely Talked About and Mentioned, He Has No Knowledge of The Tubby-Bots Being Alive and Is a Little Quiet

Phone Guy 2:

He Talks Always in Caps and Is Very Annoying, He Has Also No Knowledge of The Tubby-Bots Being Alive and Rarely Mentioned

Employee #6:

He Never Speaks and Rarely Mentioned, He is Referred as The Nightguard. He Has Knowledge of The Tubby-Bots Being Alive and Sometimes Mentioned:

Jessica Zakk:

Jessica is a Female Nightguard, She is The Nightguard of OC Tubby-Bots. She Has a Very Curvy and Busty Body and Very Attractive and Always Targeted By The Male Tubby-Bots But Hates Them All. She is Rarely Mentioned Aswell.

Eye Monitor:

Eye is a High-Speed MLG Computer, He is Crit's Computer and Is Very Mysterious.

(Now For The OC's Tubby-Bots! :O)


Pip is Addicted to Dorritos, He Smears Them All Over His Body, Making His Orange. He Has Average Strength and High Intelligence.


Pipes is a Very Quiet and Strange Tubby-Bot. He Has Low Intelligence But High Strength and a Little Aggressive.


Zak Acts Like a MLG Modern-Day Teenager, He Can Be Very Annoying and Irritating Sometimes.


Kelly is Very Cute and Kawaii. She Speaks in Loosely-Translated Japanense or Good English. She Always Says Kawaii Desu.


Squint is Very Tough With Average Intelligence and Very High Strength. He Acts Very Similar to Pipes.

Squint V2:

He is Alot Less Aggressive But Acts Chill and Weird. He Has High Intelligence and Strength, But Not So Aggressive.

Pip V2:

Pip V2 is a Little More Aggressive, He is Always Mistaken For a Girl and Hates Whenever That Happens.

Zak V2:

Zak V2 is Very Chill But Has Very Low Strength and Slighty Lower Intelligence But He is Very Fast, Nearly Sanic Speed

Pipes V2:

Pipes V2 Complains About Everything, He Complains About How The Company Made His Light-Blue Instead of Dark-Gray and How He Hates The Color

Kelly V2:

Kelly V2 is a Lot More Cute and Kawaii. Her Japanense is Slighty Better But Speaks in English More Often

Noo-Noo V3:

Noo-Noo V3 Rarely Speaks, He is Not Aggressive and a Little Fast Un-Like His Other Counterparts

Upgraded Decimated:

Upgraded Decimated, Referred as That Guy or That One Trumpet, He is Alot Faster and Smaller and Looks Up to Decimated, With a Small Crush on Jecimated.


Zaria is a Very Attractive and Chill Tubby-Bot. She Has Sanic Speed and High Intelligence But Low Strength

Zaria V2:

She is Alot More Attractive But Less Chill and Smarter. Her Strength and Speed is a Tiny Bit Higher


Albino Always Argues With His 2nd Head, Sometimes Hitting Each Other. He Has Very High Strengh But Not So Smart

Albino V2:

Albino V2 is The Opposite of Albino, Never Arguing or Fighting and Being Very Smart But Not So Strong


She is Very Similar to Zaria, Being Super Attractive and Chill But Has Low Speed and Strength But High Intelligence

Scarlette V2:

Scarlette V2 is Also a Hypocrite, She Complains Alot Like Po V2 and Argues Somestimes.


Tundra is a Very Crude and Dumb Tubby-Bot. He Has Average Speed and Strength. He is Sometimes Mistaken For a Recolored Tinky Winky.

Tundra V2:

Tundra V2 is Made Fun Of Because He Doesn't Have a V2 Model, However He is a Little Bit of a Hypocrite and Has Low Speed, Intelligence and Strength


Racky is a Funny and Popular Tubby-Bot. He Makes Funny Jokes and Is Hated By The Prototype and Original Endoskeleton.

Racky V2:

Racky V2 is a Dumb and Odd Tubby-Bot. He Has a Giant Head Decoration, Which is Also a Little Crooked Because Tubby-Bots Attempt to Jump Through The Hoop-Like Head Decoration, Instead Getting Stuck.


Trinity is The Most Attractive Tubby-Bot, With Good English and a French Woman Accent.

Trinity V2:

Trinity V2 is Like Her FNATL Counterpart But Smarter and a Higher Voice


He is a Odd Tubby-Bot, Trying to Act Mysterious or Funny. He is Rumored to Have Split Personalities.

Axel V2:

Axel V2 is Not Mysterious But Funny. He Might Also Have Split Personalities.


Noah is a Chill and Kind Tubby-Bot, He Acts Very Similar to Zak Like a MLG Modern-Day Teenager.

Nangle/Noah V2:

Nangle Was Mangled From His Prototype Counterpart, He Has a 2nd Head Who Never Speaks. He is Not Mangled But Missing Nearly His Entire Suit and He Crawls on The Ceiling

Pre-Nangle/Noah V2:

He is Fixed Up, Except For a Endoskeleton Eye and Some Smudges. He Has Fast Reflexes and a Little Kind.


Hate is Aggressive and a Little Dumb. He Has a Second Endoskeleton Replacing His Left Hand He Uses to Bite The Other Tubby-Bots as a Joke.

Hate V2:

He is Extremely Similar to His Original Counterpart, But Alot Faster Reflexes.

Mr. H0H:

Mr. H0H is Not as Strong as Decimated But Very Popular and Cool, Saying Things Like damn, i'm so h0t, wow. h0t, or h0h


They are a Group of Withered V2's, They are Very Aggressive and Randomly Break Things and Make People Upset.

The Tampered:

The Tampered Has a Deep Voice, Very High Intelligence, Speed and Strength. His Main-Head is Blind But His Other Heads are Very Smart

Pip V2/Squint V2/Kelly V2/Pipes V2 Head:

They are The Tattered's Heads. All of Them are Very Smart, Strong and Aggressive.

Phantom Po V2/Phantom Laa-Laa V2/Phantom Dipsy V2/Phantom Tinky Winky V2

They are Burnt Withered Extra Models of The V2's, Having Ghostly Voices and The Ability to Teleport.


ASYLUM Has a Deep Raspy and Glichy Voice, Average Intelligence, Average Speed and Very High Strength

Trinity V2 Head/Racky V2 Head/Axel V2 Head:

They Are Also All Very Smart, Strong and Aggressive, Like The Other Heads

PTLD-93 V2:

PTLD-93 V2 is a Remodeled PTLD-93, He is Smarter With a Less Ghostly Voice.


Hellzone is a Mix of Phantom Mangle and Springtrap, He Emits a Annoying Loud Static Noise and Grunts Like a Bulldog Sometimes


Jennifer is a Annoying Tubby-Bot, Saying Things Like Huehuehue and W0T?

Prototype Pip:

He is Very Quick and Has Fast Reflexes. He Looks Odd and Has High Intelligence But Very Low Strength.

Prototype Squint:

He is Very Slow and Has Average Intelligence and Strength.

Prototype Kelly:

She is a Terrifying Tubby-Bot and Acts Very Quicky. She Has Average Intelligence, Speed and Strength.

Prototype Pipes:

His Hanging Eye Makes Him Look Terrifying. He Has Average Speed and Intelligence and High Strength.

Prototype Zak:

He is Very Active Because of His Not So Withered State and He Has Intelligence and Strength and His Speed is a Little Higher

Prototype Zaria:

She is Very Creepy and Has Average Speed, Low Strength and Very High Intelligence.

Prototype Albino:

He is a Sluggish Tubby-Bot But Has High Strength and Very Low Intelligence, Always Talking in Low-Case.

Prototype Scarlette:

She Carries Her Severed Head Around and Sometimes Throws It. She Has Very Low Speed and Strength But High Intelligence

Prototype Racky:

He Loves Gaping Holes in The Walls and Sometimes Crawls Into Them. He's The Reason Why Prototype Tinky Winky is Inside The Hole Because He Shoved Him In.

Prototype Tundra:

He is Missing Both of His Hands and Left Forearm, Making Him Un-Able to Grab. He Has Very High Speed But Low Strength and Intelligence.

Prototype Axel:

He is Very Quicky and Has Very High Speed But Average Strengh and Very Low Intelligence.

Prototype Trinity:

She is The One of The Fastest Tubby-Bots Which is Nearly Twice as Faster Than Sanic Speed, Along With Average Strength and Intelligence.

Prototype Hate:

His Extra Head Argues With Him Alot, Causing Him to Slow Down, He Has Very High Intelligence, Average Speed and Strength.

Prototype Noah:

He Has a Huge Hole on The Top of His Head, Causing Him to Glitch Out a Little Bit. He Has Average Speed, Strength and Low Intelligence

Prototype Hellzone:

He Acts Like Phantom Chica, Appearing on Arcade Machines and Suddenly Jumping at The Victim, He Has Very High Speed and Strength and Average Intelligence.

Prototype Valentia:

She Looks Very Creepy Because of Her Giant Glowing Eyes. She is Very Similar to Prototype Racky and Loves to Crawl Into Gaping Holes to Hide

Hellzone V2:

He is The Only Withered V2, His Withered Counterpart is Only Missing The Suit on His Left Foot While His Normal Version is Missing The Suit on Both Feet and Lower-Legs, The Reason Why is Because They Attempted to Fix Him.

Valentia V2:

She is Very Cute, However Her Pitch-Fork Shaped Head Decoration is Very Sharp and Deadly. She Has Very Low Strengh, Average Speed and High Strength


He Has a Extremely Deep and Glitchy Voice, Extremely High Strength and Intelligence But Average Speed and Lots of Damages to His Body.

The Monster:

He is Old Old Po But Slighty More Withered With Some Blood on His Body, He is Slighty Faster and Has a Glitchy Voice.

Withered Monster/Old Old Old Po:

He is Old Old Old Po But More Withered, He is Slower Because of His Lack of a Left Leg But Has Higher Intelligence and Strength, Making Him as Strong as Jecimated

Prototype Original:

He Has Average Speed, High Strength and Low Intelligence. He Can Get Distracted Easily But Is Very Creepy and Has Fast Reflexes.


Crit is The Creator of The Tubby-Bots. With His Computer, He Can Alter, Delete or Change Any of Them.

(COMING SOON: DeadWatt, Donger Schlonger and Friends, Withered Original, ETC and ETC!)

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