For those who don't go on the Discord chat and don't know something that has been going on with the Deviantart group for the past week, a DeviantArt user by the name of WhoAreYouAll (who I have comedically nicknamed Kryptid Kid) has posted strange bits of artwork and has even spoke to the user Tuparman via notes, constantly speaking in morse code.

Three things have been discovered from this conversation.

- One of his artwork called DEAD, where there is a blurry and filtered image containing the face of an avatar full body edit which has black X's over the eyes and the words DEAD next to it, relates to me in some form.

- At the moment, he has 3 cryptid submissions up on the group with presumably four more to come.

- Whoever is behind this account, they usually talk about Them. When asked who are them, he refers to the 3 cryptid submissions and the 4 to come. One of his status posts reads that they are constantly complaining to him.

His current 3 submissions are silhouettes known as blurred, pixelated, and faded. They are all up on the group.

There is also another submission called WHAT HE IS which is a blurred-up mess of the words SCUM and LIAR scrambled together on a black background.

What do you guys think? Something big coming or attention seeker? Old friend, new user, or maybe even banned user? You decide.

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