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Welcome to the staff page! Here you can contact any of the staff members if you need them.

If you feel you have what it takes to become a staff member here, ask an admin if you want a moderator position, or ask a bureaucrat for an admin position. If your request to become a staff member is denied, please do not request again until you feel you have demonstrated better performance as a contributor.


  1. You must be active on the wiki and/or the chat.
  2. You must not have been blocked or banned from chat in the last month.
  3. You must show good performance as a wiki contributor.


50   Tuparman (Bureaucrat)


50   TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade (Admin) (Coder)

Content Moderators/Discussions Moderators

We are currently looking for Content/Discussions Moderators.


We are currently looking for Rollbacks.

Chat Moderators

We are currently looking for Chat Moderators.

NOTE: If your last edit is more than a month ago, you will be demoted if possible.

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